FOREX Cafe, an Unique Cafe, in UAE, where Culinary business blend with the business concept of Futures Investment (Forex) is opened in Ras Al Khaimah on 24th November 2018.

With a warm applause and in a festive atmosphere, Forex Café’s inaugural ribbon was cut on Saturday, November 24, at 4:30 P.M., at the presence of a large crowd of people, by H.E.Mohammad Ali Al Nuaimi , Chairman , RAK Chamber ,Mohammed Salem Al Ali , Founder and Chairman , Forex Cafe and Raeed Al Shehhi.


FX Cafe is a unique blend of Cafe with the concept of trading, where community of traders can enjoy food and beverage services while analyzing money market exchanges and Forex trading in particular. It will be a place for gathering and uniting Forex traders who trade individually, to develop a community of traders. Forex Cafe carries themes and designs related to Forex and futures or foreign exchange exchanges.

This cafe will be, a hangout place for the traders to meet new people with same passion towards trading and to discuss problems related to trading, Forex investment business, stocks and build their own community and Cafe serves finest coffee with cutting-edge cuisine, adding creative, innovative touches to traditional recipes.


Forex cafe is to facilitate traders to conduct trading while relaxing with caffeine and delicious cuisines, Exchange Services, trading analysis or Live trading.

  •  Daily Analysis/Trading Analysis

There are provisions for daily analysis of trading to foresee the opportunities in the market. FX Cafe will provide trading signals in the form of alerts monitored by the cafe with siren sounds/Alarms to make the visitors/trader aware about it

  • Training/Seminars

For consumers who want to know Forex trading can learn by following the trading basics training/sessions that FX Cafe holds free, after consumers understand and know how to transact Forex, it is expected that consumers will continue to come every day because FX Cafe issues daily analysis which will certainly help them to see the best opportunities to enter the market.

  • Community

With the existence of Forex cafe, the community will have a place of association to discuss or talk about the Forex business. And also with the Forex cafe people who can learn and meet new people who have activities or the same field about the Forex business, Forex Cafe is a gathering place for the Forex and Binary Traders community specifically designed by traders to chat about Forex and binary trading.

  • Trader Profile/Networking Platform

There are provisions for building a trading profile in the networking platform of the Cafe’s website to connect with the community all the time.

  • Live trading sessions/events/competitions

Cafe offers a platform for the traders to have live trading sessions and events or competitions for the traders

  • Game based Learning System.

For beginners, a complete game based learning system will be developed to learn the basics, trading, stocks.


Focus Group

The Forex cafe is aiming to introduce the Forex business to all the customers, who wants to learn and gain comprehensive knowledge in Forex business. The main focus group is:

  • Professional Traders
  • Forex Brokers
  • Beginner
  • Philomaths

The ‘Forex Cafe’ offers a simple minimalistic approach, trading in a coffee shop with laptops, rather than the stereotypical “trader” analyzing and sitting whole day in trading room equipped with a big trading desk and multiple flat screen monitors. This gives more freedom, flexibility, time and ultimately, money and it simplify the entire process and can improve the trading by having a community of traders around.


Near Emirates NBD Bank,

Al Corniche Road,

Ras Al Khaimah

Contact: 050 647 8587