With RevolCam: The Multi-Lens Photo Revolution for Smartphones, you’ll take your Instagram game to the next level

The RevolCam: Multi-Lens Revolution for Smartphones packs multiple photography tools into one neat device — and you can get it for an extra 15% off with the coupon code SEMIANNUAL.

This accessory’s three camera lenses, adjustable LED light, and selfie mirror will take your snapshots from meh to wow. You can choose between a wide-angle, macro or fisheye lens with a flick of your finger, and the adjustable lighting guarantees you’ll capture every detail. There are 230 different levels of light that you can control manually, and you can mount the light to your phone with a magnetic backing for steady shots. This multi-lens can travel with you thanks to its lightweight design and included carrying case, and it attaches to any smartphone in seconds.

The RevolCam: Multi-Lens Photo Revolution for Smartphones usually costs $59, but right now it’s marked down to $29.99. You can even get an extra 15% off if you use the code SEMIANNUAL at checkout, bringing the final price to $25.49.

Source: Salon