The Mobadrah Club is a platform for the Certified Trainers to excel their comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience through partnership with Mobadrah Training and Organizational Development Consultancy. It is a new initiative from Mobadrah Training and Organizational Development Consultancy

Launching event of Mobadrah Club

The features of the Mobadrah Club

  • Launch Your Own Training Business – at zero cost
  • Convert business ideas into projects
  • Collaborate & innovate
  • Co-create


SWOT Analysis of the Training Industry


  • “0” investment for trainers
  • Full range of training support services
  • Access to an increasing network of professionals providing more cross training opportunities
  • Low cost training solutions
  • Certified by KHDA


Promos- Introducing Training Coupons


  • new initiative
  • Idea is on a test drive
  • Seeking collaboration opportunities
  • International accreditation


  • New concept in the market
  • Creative solution for independent trainers
  • Access to wider range of training opportunities


  • Competition with big market players
  • Lack of market data & statistics
  • Lack of collaborative intent
  • Invitation

The Requirement to be a member in the Mobadrah Club

To obtain the Mobadrah Club membership, the aspiring trainers should possess a proven track record in delivering successful training programs backed by audience and institutional recommendations. Trainers with the ability to introduce business ideas will be ranked higher.

Facilities provided to trainers from the Mobadrah club

  • Back office logistics
  • Mobadrah trade license
  • Training certificates
  • Marketing of your training programs
  • 360° L&D Solutions backed by learning technologies


Working Model Suggested by Mobadrah Club

The profit sharing model has introduced by Mobadrah Club is Listed below


The profit sharing model has introduced by Mobadrah Club


Stakeholders of Mobadrah Club

There are mainly 4 stakeholders for Mobadrah Club. They are

  1. Sales Person – The one who promote he training programs and will get a profit percentage of 25 as per the working model of the Mobadrah Club


  1. The Trainer – The trainers are the one who promote and handles the training. As per the profit working model, they can either get a profit of 50% when act as the trainer or get 75% when act simultaneously as sales person and as a trainer.


  1. Individuals- They are the trainees or individuals benefited with the promo offer of Mobadrah club to have the training coupons


  1. Investors – They are the flexible category of the stakeholders in Mobadrah. They can stop their commitment policy at any time they want with flexible terms.


To become a member of Mobadrah Club and receive more information on this initiative, please contact  and can also visit