Meet Cimon, the International Space Station’s brand new, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered robot.

Cimon stands for Crew Interactive MObile companioN, and it’s designed to handle various tasks.Think HAL from “2001: A Space Odyssey,” but less evil.

The $6-million robot’s recent debut was largely smooth, but there were a few glitches.

At one point, Cimon was playing tunes for astronaut Alexander Gerst and got stuck in music mode.

Gerst: “Cancel music.”

Cimon: “I love music you can dance to.”

Gerst again asks for Cimon to cancel the music, but the robot interrupts.

“What else can I do for you?”

Later, Cimon apparently gets his feelings hurt.

“Don’t you like it here with me?” the robot asks. “Don’t be so mean, please.”

A chuckling Gerst says, “I’m not mean.”

Glitches aside, the test runs aim is to see if an AI bot can improve crew efficiency and morale during longer missions.

HAL, are you listening? Or reading lips?

Source: RushVille Republican