Dubai’s health sector’s year-on-year growth accelerates to 4 per cent in terms of facilities

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) on Wednesday launched The Dubai Health Investment Guide, a key initiative of the Dubai Health Investment Strategy 2017-21.

Dubai leads the way for private sector participation in health care in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region. The private sector health care providers in Dubai have contributed to developing a strong health ecosystem, they account for over 79 per cent of the utilisation for outpatient services, and over 74 per cent of inpatient services.

Increase in demand for quality health services due to Dubai’s rapid urban development, population growth and influx of medical tourists is one of biggest challenges DHA faces.

“We have developed the Dubai Health Investment Guide 2018-25, with an aim to provide investors and private sector providers with comprehensive information that will provide them with insights on investment opportunities and clarity on the investment process and upcoming reforms, supporting their investment decisions and thus helping us address health system gaps and priorities over the coming years,” said Dr Ibtesam Al Bastaki, Director of Investments & PPP’s, DHA.

The Guide aims at providing investors and private sector health facilities with information on investment priorities and gaps as well as mapping of the investor journey for health investments, key developments in the health sector and to highlight the drivers that underpin investment and growth in the health sector in Dubai.

“To meet the growing developments and private sector investment in the Dubai health care, the DHA is developing its regulatory standards to ensure the delivery of high medical standards that exceed expectations, and to provide the emirate with skilled and highly qualified health professionals.” Dr Marwan Al Mulla, CEO, Health Regulations Sector, DHA.

Key highlights of the Health Investment Guide:

The Health Investment Guide lists the advantages of investing in Dubai and presents a snapshot of the health system in Dubai with key trends on patient volumes, growth health infrastructure and health spending. While the guide includes details the drivers underpinning the growth of health care demand it also provides an overview of health regulations and the health insurance system which includes upcoming changes and initiatives relevant to investors.

Source: Gulf News